my experience with PT. Indonesia Tropic Holidays and Cruise

I have just had a boat trip through Komodo, Padar, Pink beach etc.

The trip was fantastic but we have been cheated by the company which stole us 420 USD.

The company is:

PT. Indonesia Tropic Holidays and Cruises

Jl. Raya Pantai Senggigi

Senggigi Plaza Block A3 No 06

Senggigi – Batu Layar 83355

West Lombok-NTB


Email :

We paid 50% 1 month in advance and the second 50% 1 week before leaving, as it was required. The first payment was received, while the second was very late (probably for bank problems) at the end of our boat trip it did not arrive in the company's account yet. We were asked to pay in cash with the promise, by Mr. Herman, to be refunded at its arrival.

For 1 month they have joked us saying it was not received. So, I asked my bank to send a SWIFT message to the Indonesian bank (this cost me 60 USD!!) and finally it was confirmed they had received the money the day after our leaving.

We came back them with this proof, and at that moment Mr. Herman disappeared with our money.

So, I strongly advise you NOT to send this company any money because they are not serious and reliable!!!

I think it is worth to write this experience because there are really a few comments regarding this company (despite its huge bunch of websites), the few I found are all complaints of people cheated by them...

So bad!