Holidays in Francavilla

A nice place to visit for a one night stay as a stop before you reach a much better seaside in Salento (Puglia).

A longer stay will entail:

1) Finding garbage in the street (there's a door to door pick up service daily, a nightmare, because each citizen leaves the garbage out at 7.30 pm).

2) Greedy tourist establishments: in the center of town I was asked 950 euros to rent a beach umbrella a chair and a hut to change myself for the season). Many of the owners of the beach establishments work only during summer, so they focus on making as much money as possible.

3) The sea is kind of ok, but at times it can get bad, especially if you are near a failed port north of the center of town (about 100 meters). I was bathing there with my kids and we had to rush out because a large "cloud" of faeces was floating on the water. The answer of the owner of the beach resort, after our complaints was "It happens at times" with a smile on his face.

4) Hotels are expensive and their prices are not at all justified. Let me add something more: if you dare to complain because you are not happy with the service you were offered you will probably get a nasty answer in return.

5) Beware of the many many improvised restaurants on the beach and in town. Two establishments were closed last year by the cops for severe violations. Everybody think they can run a restaurant but in reality the only realiable ones are a few, follow some reliable guide (Michelin for example).

6) Very expensive house rentals.

7) Many summer concerts and cultural meetings in the street, the Mayor in charge (2016) is obviously trying to do a good job, but the place has no hope until the tourist establishments change in terms of quality, hospitality, education and respect buth of the rules and of the customers.