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Dobra Tea

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Certificato di EccellenzaVincitore 2016 - 2019


3 USD - 12 USD
Diete speciali
Per vegetariani, Opzioni vegane
Colazione, Dopo mezzanotte

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Green Tea
Green teas are un-oxidized. Chinese green teas are gently pan fried in a heated wok to stop the oxidation process. The pan frying helps w/ the shaping of the leaves, as they twist & curl, the leaves eventually dry during this process & are ready for tasting. Many chinese greens are sweet, nutty & have suttle tastes & aromas. Flavors & appearance of the leaves are quite different based on which province in china the tea is cultivated.
White Tea
White tea is lightly oxidized. Harvested leaves are placed in the sun to wither on rounded bamboo plates. Withering process eventually dries the fresh leaves which are then hand sorted for stalks & impurities. It is cultivated throughout china, but originated in fujian, china there are now many varieties of white tea, & it is also being produced in india & sri lanka. The flavor of white tea can be very sweet, earthy & smooth on the pallet. It is best prepared in a porcelain teapot or a gaiwan. Because of the light oxidation, white tea is very high in antioxidants & can be a choice tea for relaxation & wellness.
Yellow Tea
Yellow tea is light & lately oxidized. Harvested leaves are quickly heated to denature their enzymes, then placed in a humidified controlled room, which leads to gradual, late oxidation. It is cultivated in the province of fujian in the wuyi shan mountains. The term "yellow tea" has two meanings in china. It can refer to thismethod of processing, or to label a a carefully selected tea that a province used to send as a tribute to the emperor. Yellow was the emperor's color.
Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is semi-oxidized. The processing of oolong tea ranges from 15%-70% oxidation. Fresh leaves may be roasted over an open fire, tumble dried in a drum layer to bring out floral qualities or baked in bamboo baskets to offer a more toasted & sweet flavor. Oolong is the most popular type of teas served in typical chinese & taiwanese restaurants. It has a milkier taste compared to green tea, though not as rich as most black teas. Oolongs are known for their floral, sweet aromas & traditionally served gong fu style. This allows tasters to prepare a generous amount of leaves in a small amount of water to taste the strengths of the tea. Oolongs are best prepared in yixing, purple sand clay teapots from china or in a fine porcelain gaiwan.
Black Tea
Black tea is fully oxidized. Fresh, harvested leaves are gently rolled by machine & placed on large flat screens to wither. This takes away about 60& of the plants moisture. A deep enzymatic oxidation of the freed polyphenols starts to take place once the withered tea leaves are placed on flat tables to fully oxidize. The tea is finally dried quickly at high heat.
Pu-Er Tea
Pu-er teas come from the xishuangbanna region in the yunnan province of china. Some of the secrets about their production dobra tea has uncovered during several journeys we made to the yunnan province. Sheng, "uncooked" pu-er teas are plucked & placed to wither in the sun. This process is also known as mao-cha. The withered tea is spread across bamboo mats where it eventually dries itself after a few hours. The tea is finally steamed again to be pressed into a variety of bricks, nests & suns.
In addition to decaf black tea blends, we offer the following caffeine-free alternatives...
Organic & fair trade redbush an herb gathered for centuries in the cape area of south africa by the khoisan people, & first harvested by western imperialists at the beginning of the 20th century, this beloved, highly health promoting tea has a rich body & fills the mouth like a black tea, but is an herbal & is naturally caffeine free. In fact, it is cultivated & processed in the same way as tea, though it is an herbal tisane. Tiny red-brown needles w/ a sweet, earthy & slightly fruity flavor produce a brick-red infusion in the cup.
Rooibos Masala
For a totally herbal chai experience, try our blend of rooibos tea w/ our masala spice of cardamon, ginger, white pepper, anise & cloves. Served w/ warm milk & honey.
Rooibos Cinnamon
Just a touch of cinnamon is needed to create an inspiring, cheering & stimulating herbal experience.
Dian Lu Eshan
Remembering the tea king a remarkable, fresh green china tea produced in the famous tea province of yunnan. No other tea is comparable to this sparkling, pale green infusion which offers unique & inimitable delights of taste & aroma. It is cultivated at high altitude, w/ long, silver, downy-tipped leaves firmly rolled lengthwise. This tea promotes health, & has a mild, euphoric effect.
Loose leaf5.75 per ounce
Huang Shan Mao Feng
Downy tips from the yellow mountains chinese green tea from the province of anhui. Representative of tea production in these exquisite mountains, this green tea has a mild, pleasing flavor. Drink when one wishes to be inconspicuous. One of the five most famous of chinese teas available on our menu at dobrá tea. (The others follow).
Loose leaf5.75 per ounce
Long Jing Tiger Spring
Dragonwell a flat, firm leaf, light to sage green in color, is the mark of a quality long jing. This classic green tea has a super-fine taste, slightly nutty tones & classic, green aroma even after several infusions. This famous tea from the chinese province of zhejiang is named after the tiger spring, the source of the best water for its infusions, & became the object of a tea pilgrimage in the tiyun mountains. Long jing "tiger spring" is exclusively hand processed in large metal bowls. The spring harvest from march to april produces a tea of extraordinary excellence. Connoisseurs regard this tea as one of the very finest green china teas. We were shocked to see that around the tiger spring the chinese drink it from empty instant coffee glass jars! A small amount of leaves is thrown in the jar & hot water is added throughout the day. The tea is suitable for business meetings or conversations w/ close friends.
Loose leaf5.00 per ounce
Bi Luo Chun "Tai Hu"
Blue-green​ spirals of spring from tai lake this genuine tea original is produced by hand in very small quantities in the chinese province of jiangsu. Jiangsu is on the gentle slopes of dong shan, which lie on the peninsula engulfed by lake tai. These tea bushes grow amongst peach, apricot & plum trees. The trees bloom at the time of the tea harvest, giving the tea its special taste. The minuscule leaves are dark green to silver in color, shaped like tiny rolled spirals. The infusion is transparent green, w/ a fresh, mildly herbal taste that is slightly astringent.
Loose leaf5.75 per ounce
Liu'an Guapian
Watermelon seeds liu'an guapian has an unusually fresh, grassy taste. Its leaf quality is equally unusual: deep green, very flat, large leaves from the dabie mountains of western anhui. Liu'An guapian appealed to us, however, because of its truly refreshing quality & so earned its place on our menu as another ambassador from the middle kingdom. A thirst quencher!
Loose leaf4.50 per ounce
Putuo Fo Cha
The buddha's tea from the island of putuo a very special, small harvest, putuo fo cha is a light, flowery green tea. The two-and-a-half thousand year old tradition of cultivating gourmet tea on the putuo island guarantees that this particular tea, grown in the gardens of the buddhist monastery & processed only by hand, will always be of superior quality.
Loose leaf10.00 per ounce
Mao Jian
Five mountains & two pools this distinguished green tea is found in china's anhui province, in a region known as "5 mountains & 2 pools. " We are proud to offer this unique & different green tea to our customers. Its leaves are small & uniform, distinguished by silvery tips. Both its aroma & flavor are surprisingly rich for a green tea, almost closer in feel to a blue-green oolong - it's smooth, almost creamy texture woven w/ its delicious flowered, vegetal taste make it a truly pleasant & beloved tea.
Loose leaf4.50 per ounce
Tian Mu Long Zhu
Dragon eyes pearls of the dragon from the tian mu mountains is an extra-fine, high quality green tea made from selected fresh tea tips, w/ a flowery taste, the aroma of a mountain breeze, & above all, a unique appearance. A smooth sweetness covers the mouth & lifts one's mood. The tea is hand-processed by chinese tea pickers into little balls resembling pearls, which unfold charmingly in the pitcher after infusion.
Loose leaf5.00 per ounce
Simao Long Zhu
Dragon pearls hand rolled green tea from the province of yunnan in southern china. This tea offers a smooth, slightly smokey infusion on the first attempt. After the leaves are soft & unfold, similar qualities of green, uncooked pu-er tea arise! Suitable for an afternoon when the sidewalks outside are frozen.
Loose leaf5.00 per ounce
Zhu Cha
Pearl tea commonly known outside of china as gunpowder, zhu cha has a slightly astringent, mildly smoky aroma & flavor, a taste it acquires while being dried in metal pans that are shaken w/ a circular motion over a fire. It is a tea for everyday drinking & a suitable complement to food. It is typically processed into small, tightly rolled balls.
Loose leaf3.00 per ounce
Matcha Kyoto
Matcha is a first class type of powdered, extra-fine ground tea & is used for what is known as the japanese tea ceremony during which the tea is whisked w/ a bamboo rod called a chasen, in an original bowl called a chawan. Quality matcha is always a pea-green, extra-fine powder w/ a distinctive, grassy aroma. The foamy infusion is fresh & deep green w/ an unforgettable, very intense taste. We recommend that it be enjoyed after dessert or a japanese sweet, but never on an empty stomach. As we would be embarrassed to see customers bow during service, we do not perform the full tea ceremony.
Loose leaf13.00-16.00 per ounce
Gyokuro Kyoto
An excellent, very distinguished japanese green tea. Its delicious taste & fresh grassy scent of spring offer a touch of heaven in your cup. This tea is one of the most valued products of the nippon islands. It is picked by hand in specially shaded fields & guarantees a rare experience, enhanced by an original method of preparation. Dark green, flat, subtle leaves of uniform size give a fresh aroma & a gourmet taste. Gyokuro tea is much prized for the characteristically strong taste that is especially pronounced when it is carefully brewed in miniature infusion bowls. It is usual to make three infusions from the same leaves, allowing the superior quality of this tea to be fully enjoyed.
Loose leaf17.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Organic Gyokyro Nagatani
From the mystical tea lands in uji, this certified organic tea is hand processed in small batches during the spring & summer months. Weeding of the tea bushes & composting is all done by hand in mr. nagatani's tea garden. He has chosen to use fish cakes as a method of composting. This gives this shade grown variety an unseen, deep fishy flavor, thick & oceanic!
Loose leaf20.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Tama-Ryokucha Kyoto
This​ tea is produced in the kyushu island area. It is a first class type of green tea, & is appropriate for festive occasions. A tiny, dark green leaf, evenly rolled makes a light green infusion. Its cup results in a rich brew, traditional, delicate grassy flavor but w/ a bread-like sustenance & fullness, even after several brews.
Loose leaf14.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Sencha Kyoto
This type of japanese green tea is currently the most typical tea on the japanese market. It requires painstaking processing to obtain dark green, flat leaves of uniform size, w/ a fresh, grassy aroma & a delicate taste. It also gives many crisp infusions w/ a distinctly cleansing feeling & is a good tea for a quiet get-together w/ close friends.
Loose leaf14.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
The latest addition to our tea offer! Recently discovered on our spring tea travels to japan in may 2009. this high mountain grown sencha tea is cultivated in the region of hamamatzou. Nearby are waterfalls, hot springs, & lush gardens & tea farmers, processing tea in the most old fashioned manner. Yamacha offers a fine, smooth taste w/ more sparkle to the classic taste of sencha.
Loose leaf17.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Bancha Kyoto
A common type of green japanese tea, intended for everyday drinking. A small, flat, light green leaf w/ yellow tints, it is smooth & easy to drink, w/ the characteristic freshness of japanese greens.
Loose leaf10.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Kukicha Kyoto
A tea made from leaves & stalks. This type of tea is often a by-product of hojicha, but our variety is made from the same bushes & leaves used for gyokuro, giving its earthy flavor the finesse & freshness of gyokuro. Light green leafstalks yield a full but delicate grassy aroma. It gives a rich brew even after several infusions, & causes a notable lift.
Loose leaf12.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Genmaicha Kyoto
A unique japanese delicacy, this is a green tea mixed w/ roasted rice. The combination gives it a seductive aroma & unusual taste, reminiscent of pine & grains. In translation the name means "unpolished rice. " Suitable as an after lunch drink, when you need to warm up or even for lunch.
Loose leaf11.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet
Genmaicha Matcha
The latest twist on the famous roasted rice tea! This thick & roasted infusion offers the same full flavor of genmaicha w/ a boost of energy & vibrancy of green.
Loose leaf4.25 per ounce
Ché Xanh
A remarkable vietnamese green tea, whose leaves are picked w/ extraordinary care. A vegetal infusion w/ hints of both chinese & japanese greens due to processing. This tea is gently steamed, then pan-fried to stop oxidation. It will awaken a drifting mind, & is excellent hot or chilled.
Loose leaf3.75 per ounce
Nok Cha
A seasonal variety of green tea from the jirishan mountain range on the southern korean coast. This light infusion conceals an unseen taste "on the boundary" between chinese & japanese teas. The leaves are gently steamed & then pan-fried to complete the drying process, offering a savory, oceanic flavor.
Loose leaf20.00 for 2 ounces
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Recensito il 27 luglio 2017

Ci siamo fermati a prendere una pausa dal camminare e per provare alcuni tè freddi rinfrescanti. Molte opzioni da scegliere! Ci siamo seduti in una camera sul retro e l'atmosfera era incredibile. Ho quasi mi sembrava di stare in un altro paese. Ottimo posto per...rilassarsi e socializzare. Non ho mai visto un tale selezione di tè prima. UN deve fermarsi per gli amanti del tè!Più

Data della visita: novembre 2016
Recensito il 20 luglio 2017

Anche se ho camminato passato Dobra tè in Montagna Nera per anni, non ho mai avuto il tempo di provare fino a questo luglio. Io e mia sorella sono state visitando Black Mountain e facendo ciò che tutti i turisti fare - a camminare su...e giù per le strade, che cercano in tutti i negozi. Era molto caldo e umido e stavamo cercando un posto per fare una pausa e ottenere un tè chai freddo. Abbiamo deciso di provare Dobra e siamo rimasti molto sorpresi e soddisfatti. Entrambi abbiamo finito per ordinare la Foresta Dragon su raccomandazione dalla cameriera. L'hotel è stato perfetto - cool, rinfrescante e un'ottima soluzione - me - up. La piastra di biscotti vi inviteranno a abbiamo ordinato erano inoltre perfetto. Vi consiglio caldamente Dobra da thé e vi è una fermata abituale, quando mi trovo in zona di Asheville.Più

Data della visita: luglio 2017
Recensito il 15 luglio 2017 da dispositivo mobile

Tè e snack era eccezionale, ma quando abbiamo visitato non durante le ore di punta, era un po' affollato e abbiamo dovuto aspettare di essere seduti, qualcosa che non ci si aspetterebbe un mercoledì pomeriggio.

Data della visita: giugno 2017
Recensito il 13 luglio 2017 da dispositivo mobile

Io amo te ma non ho mai saputo che c'erano si tante varietà deliziosi. Il personale era meraviglioso, spazio adorabile con scelta di tavola convenzionale e sedie o cuscini in terra con tavolini bassi. In una giornata calda, provate la birra fredda della giornata! Incredibile!

Data della visita: luglio 2017
Recensito il 15 giugno 2017 da dispositivo mobile

Siamo Entrati per caso e ha deciso di rientro in per un tè. Siamo rimasti piacevolmente sorpresi che fare un offerta una vastissima selezione di tè globali . Ci hanno anche offerto vegano e gli spuntini della fidanzata. TUTTO era fantastico. L'atmosfera era rilassante ed...eclettico. Sarei felice di consigliare ad altriPiù

Data della visita: giugno 2017
Recensito il 12 giugno 2017

Ottima Matcha, ceramica - molto fresca fresca vibrante proprio per la vendita, buona selezione di tè. Un'atmosfera Zen bella!

Data della visita: giugno 2017
Recensito il 5 giugno 2017

Servizio eccellente. Essi offrono le campane a tavola per voi ad anello quando si è pronti per ordinare. . Ottima idea quindi non hanno a disturbare mentre siete esaminato il menu. Tonnellate di opzioni di tè. Selezione senza glutine di dessert. Mi è piaciuto molto...l'esperienza.Più

Data della visita: maggio 2017
Recensito il 25 aprile 2017

Mi piace come molte scelte questa casa da tè offre. L'atmosfera è rilassante. Hanno spesso eclettica servizi quali a lettori tarocchi lì.

Data della visita: aprile 2017
Recensito il 15 aprile 2017 da dispositivo mobile

In generale la Qualità " poveri " Come un residente vecchio del centro cittadino sono stato uno dei sostenitori più fedeli di Dobra. Seriamente, è necessario assumere personale gentile e un buon servizio di pulizia. Non posso che consigliare vivamente il centro, tuttavia hanno altre...località se si sono per il disco.Più

Data della visita: aprile 2017
Recensito il 27 marzo 2017

Mia figlia va a Dobra il centro di Asheville ogni volta che rende l'unità in da WCU. Questo fine settimana ho incontrato lei in Asheville per una giornata di incollaggio di mia figlia di madre. Questa è la posizione meravigliosa per rilassarsi con una vasta...selezione di tè servito sia caldo, nonché squisiti drink. Ogni tipo di crema/latte è disponibile e le mie due selezioni erano meravigliosi. Hanno anche alcune chicche e stuzzichini dolci così fermarsi qui per un pranzo leggero è anche possibile. Questo è il posto ideale per rilassarsi e chiacchierare e bevande sono favolose. Se siete in un ordine di fretta al banco e prendere per andare. Seduta giù è un'esperienza che vale la pena il tempo. Ci torneremo sicuramente alla mia prossima visita a Asheville.Più

Data della visita: marzo 2017
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