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TripAdvisor Hits One Million Unbiased Travel Reviews & Opinions Mark

NEEDHAM, MA - January 23, 2005 - TripAdvisor today announced that there are now more than one million travel reviews and opinions on the 137,000+ hotels, resorts, attractions and restaurants in more than 21,000 worldwide destinations included on The content includes hotel reviews and posts written by TripAdvisor members, as well as guidebook content and articles reviewed and chosen by TripAdvisor's in-house editorial team.


"TripAdvisor continues its lead as first choice for finding unbiased and highly relevant travel research on the Web," said Lesley Carlin McElhattan, Managing Editor and Site Producer at TripAdvisor. "For the savvy consumer who wants insider information to plan their vacation, is the only travel search site that can deliver everything in one place. Over one million pieces of totally unbiased, highly relevant travel research is critical to help build the vacation plans of the millions of worldwide visitors who come to each month."