Pickett's Mill Battlefield

Pickett's Mill Battlefield, Dallas

Pickett's Mill Battlefield
9.00 - 17.00
9.00 - 17.00
9.00 - 17.00
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One of the best preserved Civil War battlefields in the nation
giu 2017
Mill Gettysburg non è incluso in una discussione delle grandi battaglie della guerra civile con Gettysburg o Vicksburg o Antietam o Silo o Chancellorsville. Ma resta uno dei campi di battaglia meglio conservate della nazione. Si trova a 4432 Monte Tabor Church Road a Dallas, Georgia, si è parte della campagna di Atlanta dell'Unione generale William T. Sherman. I visitatori del 765 - sito acri possono viaggiare le strade utilizzate dall'Unione europea e le truppe confederate, vedere terrapieni costruito da entrambi gli eserciti, a piedi attraverso la stessa orrido dove centinaia sono stati uccisi e visitare un autentico ambiente 1800 s cabina dei pionieri. Il centro visitatori del parco offre mostre e un filmato relativo alla battaglia. La Battaglia del Mulino di Pickett ha avuto luogo il 27 maggio 1864 , come la Union Army cercato di anticipo su Atlanta. L'Autore Ambrose Bierce, che serviva come un ingegnere topograficamente nell'Unione Esercito, ha scritto una storia breve " La criminalità organizzata a Mill Gettysburg " che hanno segnalato la battaglia ci vogliono circa 45 minuti, che la perdita totale era di 1 , 400 uomini e metà erano morti e feriti nella sua brigata in soli 30 minuti di combattimento. Per raggiungere Pickett's Mill, prendere I - 20 per uscire 44 . Girare in Thornton Road o Highway 276 . Seguire l'Highway 276 West per 10 miglia. Girare a destra sulla Highway 92 . Viaggio a Nord per 6 miglia e cercare Pickett Mill cartelli marroni come si continua. Girare a sinistra in direzione Ovest Road, continuare a due miglia e girate a destra per Monte Tabor Church Road. Mill Gettysburg è sulla destra. Il sito è stato aggiunto al Registro Nazionale dei Luoghi Storici nel 1973.

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very disappointed
lug 2021
I am an avid student of Sherman's campaign during the American Civil War. I make semi regular visits to battlefields in Georgia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. I recently visited Pickett's Mill and was absolutely floored with what I saw. What is the Department of Natural Resources thinking? There's a rock garden on one of the most critical spots of the battle of May 27th. The historical integrity of this historic park is fast being eroded away. Such a shame.
Scritta in data 3 agosto 2021
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Maggie G
Charlotte, Carolina del Nord2 contributi
Awesome guide!
gen 2021
My wife, sister and I visited this battlefield on a rainy day in early January and were very pleasantly surprised. As a former American history teacher I have visited many battlefield sites and outside of the much larger attractions this was by far the best. Shamefully I don't remember our guide's name but he was certainly an expert on every aspect of this battle! Even though it was raining he was kind enough to walk part of the site and spent at least twenty minutes out in the rain to sate our interest. What may have made it even more enjoyable were his stories which brought the battle to life. I would highly recommend Pickett's Mill Battlefield to anyone with an interest in the U.S. Civil War or American history in general. We live in North Carolina but anticipate our next visit to the Atlanta area as we intend to visit once again.
Scritta in data 22 gennaio 2021
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Marietta, GA629 contributi
Small state park near Marietta
mag 2020
We enjoyed an afternoon wandering the trails at Pickett's Mill. With only 4 miles of trails, it is easy to see the whole park in a single visit. It is a nicely maintained historic site with trails that run through wooded trails and along a creek. Definitely worth a visit for a change of pace if you are a regular visitor to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.
Scritta in data 15 luglio 2020
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Mike P
1 contributo
Must see for Civil War enthusiasts
mar 2020
One of the most interesting Civil War battlefields, as part of the 1864 campaign for Atlanta, took place at Pickett's Mill, near Dallas, Georgia. This is a little known site, that is often overlooked, but should not be. The visitor center has a short introductory film and several exhibits. Be sure to get Ed Best, or one of the other guides, to show you around. The ground is as it was in 1864 and you will be amazed at how difficult the action must have been over such ground. Highly recommended.
Scritta in data 8 marzo 2020
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Anthony A
1 contributo
Excellent History and Factual
feb 2020
Visited the site Feb. 22nd. The film introduction was a good overview of the background and how events transpired. We had a tour of the battlefield and the ravine where much of the action took place. Our guide Mr. Ed Best was proved he was expert down to the finest detail, and we asked details about the cannon projectiles, carriages, personalities of the participants, and if they used modern day foul language as a matter of course! He had no trouble answering every question we presented. He also had the facts around the debacle and carnage on the Union side, and the reasons for it from numbers compiled by the various sides, and the writings (or lack of) by the participants themselves. I don't think I've had as informative or as enjoyable a time at a historic site - the Cowpens Revolutionary War Battlefield site in SC is the only one that comes close! Highly recommended!
Scritta in data 24 febbraio 2020
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José Albaine
Dallas, GA2 contributi
Like stepping back in time
feb 2020
Visited a few weeks ago to watch a historic cooking demonstration. I really enjoyed observing as they roasted a whole hog on a spit alongside black eyed peas and collard greens cooked over the fire in cast iron cookware. It couldn't have been more authentic with the chefs in period costume. I found the staff to be very welcoming and hospitable and happy to answer all of my questions. I also enjoyed an extremely informative museum tour where Ranger John and Ranger Ed gave me a crash course on the artillery used in the Civil War. I also got a chance to visit their 1850's cabin with my preschool age son and the living history demonstrators were incredibly kind to my son. They showed him all around the cabin and answered all of his questions with patience. He had so much fun and he's already asked me several times to take him back to the cabin. I highly recommend it, especially if you manage to catch one of their special events.
Scritta in data 22 febbraio 2020
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Marietta, GA56 contributi
A Great Place to Hike and Learn
feb 2020
This historic site on the grounds of the Civil War battle of Pickett's Mill is a great place to hike through forests and fields. There are several trails and they overlap so you can customize your hike. They often have guided hikes if you want to learn about the battle or the flora and fauna of the area. There is also a museum, a video and an extensive library if you are interested. There are special events such as cast iron cooking, cannon demonstrations and period costumes and music. There is also an 1860's cabin, which was moved there a few years ago, along with some out buildings,that are very interesting. The site is currently only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays but that should change soon. Check the Georgia Parks and Recreation website (gastateparks.org) and click on "Find a Park" for details and upcoming events.
Scritta in data 10 febbraio 2020
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Kettering Gal
Kettering, OH7 contributi
One-on-one tour
nov 2019
We visited on a Saturday in Nov. Not many people there during our visit, and my husband got more than a half hour with a knowledgeable museum tour guide. Intro video a little dated -- about time for it to be updated and re-recorded. Nice, clean grounds and museum.
Scritta in data 21 novembre 2019
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McDonough, GA38 contributi
Well Preserved Civil War Battlefield Site
nov 2019
I visited this state historic site on a beautifully sunny cool day in mid-November. It is open only 3 days a week, Thu-Sat. so if you are interested in visiting plan accordingly. All I can say is bravo state of Georgia for this outstanding park! The 5.50 admission fee (less for seniors and kids) is a bargain if you take the time to watch the excellent 16 minute film, explore the museum, and walk some of the battlefield trails. A park ranger gave me a guided tour of the museum and I learned so much. The visitor center also provides individual trail booklets which contain maps and descriptions at each of the stations along the trails. What makes this battlefield site so special is how much of the area has hardly been disturbed over time. Many of the trenches and artillery emplacements are still quite visible. The trails are very well marked. You won't get lost. If you have even a casual interest in the Civil War I highly recommend visiting this slightly off the beaten path gem.
Scritta in data 17 novembre 2019
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steve r
Dallas, GA479 contributi
Great park to walk, but don't think you will learn about the battle
ott 2019
I must have walked Pickett's Mill Battlefield a hundred times, great spot to get away and enjoy nature. But don't think you will learn much about the Battle at Pickett's Mill. The truth is, that it was a 10 day battle inside the park, not a one day battle like the park will tell you. On May 28,1864 Confederate Lt. General Hardee wrote in his Corps notes, "It was determined to mass troops on our right for the purpose of braking or turning the union left". From May 28 until June 4th 1864, there were several failed confederate attacks on the union line in the park, by Regiments and once by Major General Loring full confederate Division. There are no current books that tell the honest history of the battle, they stop at midnight on May 27, 1864. As of now, you have to read the War Of The Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, printed 1891 and on line. Don't be fooled, if you are told that there are 3 missing mass graves of union soldiers, they are all in Marietta Nat. Cemetery, or that General Sherman never wrote about Pickett's Mill, Confederate General Hood and Johnston never did also, they all called it, east of New Hope Church. On June 4, 1864 General Sherman wrote "we have make such progress that Gen. Johnston evacuated his lines in the night, leaving us masters of the situation. The Confederates did win the first day, 27 May 1864 against Union Gen. O. O. Howard and the United States Army won the next nine days. At the end of the Battle at Pickett's Mill, the United States had total control over the Pickett's Mill battlefield and all the roads around it. A United States Victory and one step closer to Atlanta and the end of the Civil War. So don't be fooled into thinking, it was a one day battle. But Pickett's Mill Park is a great park to walk, you will notice that all the park benches, keep your feet off the ground, a small bug you can't see, will get on to your cloths. Former Park Ranger Steve Briggs told me about them.
Scritta in data 8 novembre 2019
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