Seoraksan National Park
Seoraksan National Park
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Mosca, Russia73 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
mag 2024 • Famiglia
This park is worth visiting for everyone! During the week there were few people, there were no queues for the funicular. There is a great view on the mountain! Such beauty takes your breath away. The park is very beautiful. The mountain is a must visit!
Scritta in data 13 maggio 2024
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Ufa, Russia17.664 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
ago 2023 • Amici
Considered the most beautiful national park in Korea, Seoraksan (“Snow Peak Mountain”) enchants hikers. With peaks towering above the clouds, waterfalls, rare birds and even the 7th century Sinheungsa Temple, from which paths lead to Mount Ulsan Bawi, Seoraksan National Park is as diverse as its landscapes. Climb the peaks, the highest of which, Daecheon-bong, is 1,708m high, or take the cable car up Mount Gwonggeum.
Scritta in data 31 dicembre 2023
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Svizzera174 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
ott 2023 • Famiglia
We took a taxi (around 15K-20K) from the Lotte. It’s much faster than to take the bus and you will get the same traffic jam the last 2-4 kms. I was surprised by the crowd even in the middle of the week. I guess it’s better to avoid the week-end and it should be even worse during school holidays. But I understand why it’s so popular : the place is BEAUTIFUL and everything is organized to welcome the most people as possible.
The first thing to do is to buy the cable car tickets (15K per person), as they sell really fast and you probably will have to wait an hour until your « boarding time ». But it’s worth the money and the wait. Up there you have to walk up on stairs and on an uneven path, so make sure to wear hiking shoes.
We did another hike, to Biseondae rocks. It’s an easy walk, but more comfortable with hiking shoes. It takes 1.5-2 hours back and forth. Be aware to take enough water, as outside the recreational area next to the entrance gate (where you have a lot of shops, coffee shops and restaurants), there is no place to buy a bottle of water.
I would have liked to stay longer or to come back the next days. There are so many other hikes to do. I guess you can easily spend a whole week there. And with autumn leaves starting to turn red and yellow, it was truly beautiful and especially peaceful (most people tend to stay around the recreational area).
I think Sokcho area is the place to stay if you feel exhausted by the bustling city life of Seoul : no shopping, just eating, waking and chilling.
Scritta in data 12 novembre 2023
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Baoru H
2 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
ott 2023 • Amici
Amazing view from the top! We were not seasonal hikers, took us 3.5 hours on the way up and 2 hours back down. Bring walking sticks and wear knee guards! It was a great retreat into the mountains.
Scritta in data 29 ottobre 2023
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Capucine D
Versailles, Francia14 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
ott 2023 • Famiglia
A magnificent, magical, captivating park
Lots of hiking possibilities and the colors of this early autumn are splendid
A wide variety of cafes and restaurants on site
Special mention for the small souvenir shop right next to the Buddha
Scritta in data 27 ottobre 2023
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New Westminster, Canada311 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
set 2023 • Amici
This is the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen. I always wanted to get here, seen it in korean drama and was very impressed, but to see it first hand was amazing. The foliage was partial only, must be even more impressive with the full autumn colors, but it's still absolutely breathtaking. Took the cable car and visited Sinheungsa temple too. Crowds were endless but nothing you can do, this is highly popular destination. Grab a taxi to get there then walk the last portion, avoid the bus not to get squeezed like sardines.
Scritta in data 25 ottobre 2023
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Paesi Bassi113 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
set 2023 • Coppie
Beautiful natural park that is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Sokcho is the ideal base. Entrance is free. You can walk different routes. Self-chosen for Ulsanbawi Rock. A 'short' route but no less than 888 stairs up, so a tough climb. The higher we got, the more we came into the clouds (which hung very low). A little bit of drizzle. Lots of animals along the way, birds and squirrels. Once at the top, no view because of low hanging cloud/fog, so little to see, but still magical. Still more than worth it!
Scritta in data 10 ottobre 2023
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Île-de-France, Francia560 contributi
Punteggio 4,0 su 5
set 2023 • Famiglia
Park accessible by bus from Sokcho, at the entrance there is a restaurant area, beautiful temple to visit, several walking routes, waterfalls, funicular
Contrary to what is announced in the guides, we did not pay entry.
Scritta in data 17 settembre 2023
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un utente di Tripadvisor e non di Tripadvisor LLC. Le recensioni vengono sottoposte a verifica da Tripadvisor.

Singapore251 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
nov 2022 • Famiglia
Seoraksan or Mount Seorak (설악산) is part of the Taebaek mountain range in the Gangwon Province in eastern South Korea. Seoraksan has some 28 peaks, of which Daecheongbong Peak at 1,708 meters is the third highest mountain peak in South Korea and because this peak is covered with snow for five to six months in a year, the mountain is ascribed the name "Seorak" (meaning "snowy peak"). Seoraksan National Park was designated as South Korea's fifth national park in 1970 and as South Korea's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1982. It is divided into the eastern section or outer section (Oeseorak), western section or inner section (Naeseorak) and the southern section (Namseorak).

Seoraksan National Park is definitely one of the most popular attractions in South Korea, especially in autumn. So on a sunny and clear weekday on the first week of November autumn, my family and I spent an enjoyable 5 and half hours at this national park.

Getting there, entrance fees & opening time
If you have a car, it would be a straightforward 12 km drive from Sokcho to Seoraksan National Park. Since my family did not rent a car, we took bus 7-1 at the bus stop opposite the Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (we can also take bus number 7). Both 7 and 7-1 buses run on 30-minute interval. The bus fare is ₩ 1300 to the “Seoraksan Sogongwon” stop. The whole bus journey was about 30 minutes, including a 4-minute jam at the Park car park entrance. We reached the park at 9:30 am and thankfully it was not crowded as this was a weekday. On the return trip to Sokcho, we took the 7-1 bus from the designated bus stop in the car park at 3:20pm.
Seoraksan National Park’s opening hours are 6am to 8pm daily while the cable cars operate from 9am to 6pm. Entrance fee is ₩4500 for adult (age 20 to 65), ₩2000 for youth (age 14 to 19) and ₩1000 for children (age 8 to 13). Cable car tickets cost ₩ 11000 for adult (middle school students or older) and ₩7000 for children (37 months to elementary school).

Attractions at Seoraksan National Park
After we walked past the entrance, we entered into Sogongwon Park (Sogongwon or 소공 translated as “small park”) where there is black bear statue on top of square structure bearing “Seoraksan National Park” inscription. There are a few hiking trails to the attractions in the Park on a nearby huge board. Based on the map on the board, I think these are the main one-day hiking routes with the approximate one-way trek timing between attractions and the level of difficulty of hike (depends on your fitness and your duration for resting and taking photographs):
(1) Great Buddha of Reunification (easy, 5 minutes) - Shinheungsa Buddhist Temple (easy, 10 minutes) - Heundeulbawi or Heundeul Rock (moderate, 1.5 hour) - Ulsanbawi or Ulsan Rock (difficult, 0.5 hour). The hike to Ulsan Rock is ranked as the most popular at Seoraksan National Park due to the unique rock formation and the fabulous views from the Rock.
(2) The 3 Waterfalls Hike - Hike 1.9 km through the forest to Yukdampokcho or Yukdam Falls (easy, 40 minutes), a further 0.4 km strenuous uphill hike to Biryongpokcho or Biryong Falls (moderate, 20 minutes) and final 0.5 km muscle-aching and extremely arduous vertical stairs ascent to the Towangseong Falls Observatory (difficult, 30 minutes).
(3) Great Buddha of Reunification (easy, 5 minutes) - Biseondae (Rock) (easy, 1 hour, 2.5km flat trail walking alongside the stream) - Geumganggul Cave (difficult, 1 hour strenuous ascent)
(4) Gwongeumseong Fortress – easy 15 hike to the 690-metre-high Fortress after alighting from cable car
(5) Leisure walk around Sogongwon Park with restaurants, mountain views and autumn foliage (in autumn).
For my family and I, we visited Gwongeumseong Fortress located at the top of Dolsan (Mount Dol) and after lunch hiked to Yukdam Falls.

The Attraction: Seoraksan National Park Cable Car
The moment my family and I entered Sogongwon Park, we quickly walked to the cable car station to buy our cable car tickets. Due to the popularity and the limited number of 50 passengers in the cable car, we had to choose the timing of the cable car ride when we bought the tickets – do note that it’s not a case of buying the tickets and then join the queue to take the next cable car. Hence I advise not to leave buying the cable car tickets to the last minute because you do not want to be in a situation where there are no more time slots available for the rest of the day. Also, the cable car, which leave every 5 minutes, will not operate in the event of strong winds. We booked the 10:05 am slot and walked around Sogongwon Park enjoying the autumn foliage to kill time.
The 6-minute cable car ride offered breathtaking views of the mountains, valley and the unmistakable white Ulsan Rock. At the top of the cable car station, there is a cafe selling drinks, snacks and Korean and Japanese cuisine. There is also a viewing deck with dining tables on the side of the building to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sokcho, Ulsan Rock and the surrounding mountains.

The Attraction: Gwongeumseong Fortress
Upon exiting the cable car station at the top, we turned right and walked (“easy” level) about 15 minutes on a gradual ascending unpaved flat and then rocky path to the base of a brown rock 690-metre summit with a few Korean pine tress and two rocky peaks (smaller left and larger right) at the summit – this is Gwongeumseong Fortress.
Certain sources have pointed to two men - Gwon and Kim - building a stone fortress or castle on this site to protect their families and the villages against the invading Mongolians during the Goryeo period in the thirteenth century. Some 800 years later, do not be disappointed today you cannot find any remnant of the fortress (except perhaps for piles of rocks and stones which served as resting or sitting area for some visitors). Nevertheless, like most visitors, we came for the panoramic views. Indeed, when we reached the Fortress, the mountain peaks across the Fortress greeted us with such majestic appearance and presence that we were simply awed! As we ascend to the summit and looking to our left, we saw the granite-composed Manmulsang Peak next to us and the towering mountain peaks of 1275bong, Nahanbong (1298 m), Sejonbong, Yuseondae, Janggunbong, Jeonhangnyeong and Hwangchulbong (1381 m) behind the Manmulsang Peak. I climbed to the summit and was rewarded with incredible 360-degree uninterrupted view of the outer or eastern section as well as inner or western section, Seoraksan mountain consisting of the aforementioned mountain peaks plus other peaks, forested mountain slopes, Cheongbuldong Valley, Ulsan Rock, Heundeul Rock, Sokcho city, East Sea, whole of Gwongeumseong Fortress and the autumn foliage on the mountains. What a magnificent and stunning sight to behold!
While we were there on a weekday late morning, there was not a crowd of visitors, so there was more than ample space for everyone to move around. However, do be careful of not going too near to the rock cliff edge.

We ate lunch (tonkatsu, black bean noodle) at the cable car upper station restaurant before taking the cable car down to the Sogongwon Park.

The Attraction: Yukdam Falls (Yukdampokpo)
After refreshing ice-creams at Café Sol, we were ready to hike to the 3 waterfalls in the following sequence – Yukdam Falls, Biryong Falls and the Towangseong Falls Observatory (to see the Towangseong Falls across). Eventually due to time constraints, we could only do the Yukdam Falls, the first of the 3 waterfalls and the easiest one to reach. Biryong Falls require 400 metres of moderate ascent while the Towangseong Falls Observatory require a very difficult and strenuous 400 metre accent of about 900 staircase steps. There is no entrance fee to these 3 waterfalls.
To get to the 3 waterfalls, look for a road or path on the right after the Cable Car station or on the left after the Seoraksan Park entrance that leads to a signage post pointing the direction toward “Biryong Falls 2.3km” and “Towangseong Falls Observatory 2.8km”. We walked the pointed direction, enjoyed the autumn foliage along the way and soon we crossed a wide bridge over Ssangcheon River (the river is full of white boulders and rocks) and then turned left. After walking along the river for about 300 metres past the Kensington Hotel on the opposite bank of the river, the flat paved path then veered away from river and into a forest that is full of maple, oak and Korean red pine trees. The clear forest walking path led us to some restrooms (note that there were no more restrooms from here onwards) after an unnoticeable gradual ascent. At the restrooms, there is a signpost stating “Yukdam Falls 0.4km”, “Biryong Falls 0.8km” and “Towangseong Falls Observatory 1.2km” and the walking path turned right. The noticeable ascent began. The wood log path became irregular rock path and later joined alongside a flowing stream, cascades and beautiful blue and green pools or ponds. Finally, after hiking for about 1.9km and about 1 hour, we arrived at the viewing deck with 3 benches of the Yukdam Falls (after crossing a small bridge).
In front of the viewing deck is the stunning view of the thin 40-metre high Yukdam Falls gushing into a pool and a suspension bridge across Yukdam Falls. We reached the suspension bridge via first crossing a wooden bridge next to the viewing deck and then climbing wooden stairs. The view from the suspension bridge was even more stunning and gorgeous of the Yukdam Falls, picturesque pool or pond with boulders, valley flanked by steep mountain slopes, 2 bridges and the autumn foliage. It was great that there were only a few visitors while we were there; most of these visitors were either moving on to or coming back from Biryong Falls, hence the suspension bridge was not vibrating. I anticipate there would be more visitors on weekends. After soaking in the refreshing and cooling ambience of Yukdam Falls for about 30 minutes, we hiked back to the Seoraksan National Park entrance.
Interestingly, it dawned upon me much later that the few coloured pools that we saw during our hike to and fro Yukdam Falls are part of this waterfall because Yukdam Falls ((육담폭포, 六潭瀑布) translates to “six pools waterfall” (and not “six waterfalls”).

Overall, my family and I enjoyed the following at Seoraksan National Park’s Gwongeumseong Fortress, Cable Car and Yukdam Falls:
(1) Being high up in the mountains and soaking in the cool refreshing air in a care-free manner, which is such a stark contrast to our hectic lives in crowded cities,
(2) The beautiful autumn foliage hues of red, yellow and orange on the mountains, in the forest and at Sogongwon Park (the base of Seoraksan). Every year, Seoraksan National Park is one of the first and most impressive places to see autumn foliage, peaking in mid-October.
(3) The views atop Gwongeumseong Fortress and at Yukdam Falls suspension bridge are truly stunning and breathtaking! It makes us appreciate the vastness and the beauty of Mother Nature.
(4) The Park’s accessibility to hikers and non-hikers (such as families with children), the latter would appreciate the cable car as well as easy flat hiking routes.

So there you have it – a “3-in-1” (“3 attractions in 1 day”) trip to the Seoraksan National Park for my family and me. One day is not enough to visit all the attractions in this National Park, and I hope to return again one day. Nevertheless, there is so much natural beauty in the mountains, unusual rock formations, streams (rivers), waterfalls, valleys, flora and fauna, that it is no surprise that Seoraksan National Park is one of the Top 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea for 2021-2022. This National Park is definitely a “must do” when you visit South Korea in any season, not just autumn.

Before you go, do remember that as this attraction requires plenty of walking and climbing, I definitely recommend wearing a pair of sturdy yet comfortable walking shoes, bringing drinking water and more importantly walking at your own pace considering that the air becomes less and less as you ascend higher and higher up the mountains. It can get quite cold and sometimes windy up on the mountain (especially in autumn), so wear a sweater where necessary.
Scritta in data 3 settembre 2023
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8 contributi
Punteggio 5,0 su 5
ago 2023 • Solo
I lived in Sok'cho Feb '66-Dec 67. I fell in love with the place and the people. Changed my life. Today I at 81 years I feel deep nostalgia for Sok'cho, Soraksan, the food and the sea. But mostly the people.
Scritta in data 16 agosto 2023
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