Jackson Hole Recreation

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Jackson Hole Recreation
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Laura M
Canon City, CO31 contributi
giu 2020 • Amici
Amazing would certainly do it again, Teton Whitewater, Jackson, WY. The guides are informative and knowledgeable.
Scritta in data 23 giugno 2020
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Tony P
Dayton, OH32 contributi
ago 2016 • Famiglia
We were a group of 11 on a family vacation. We ranged in age from 5 to 69. Most of us had never ridden a ATV before but Stacie and Rob made it so simple with their explanations (really it was all Stacie but we want to give Rob a shout-out also 😃).

Stacie was super nice on the phone when I booked the ATV's that I also rented a white raft from them for the next day.

When we got there, they were ready and waiting for us with all the ATV's ready. The ATV's were nice and clean. Stacie had us fill out some paperwork but that is expected when you are renting $5,000+ machines. Stacie did a safety walk through with us and showed us all how to use the machines. They also provided us with maps and showed us where the nicest places to ride were.

My kids loved it!!! My 69 year old mother loved it!!! We all loved Stacie and Rob!!! They are the nicest people and we had a great time ATV'ing.

We highly recommend this company and we are totally baffled by the previous 2 reviews. I guess there are always unhappy people in life (no matter what you do)
Scritta in data 10 agosto 2016
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San Mateo, CA1 contributo
lug 2016 • Famiglia
How to ruin an otherwise great adventure?

Our scout troop was on a week long road trip to Yellowstone and one activity that we scheduled on the way was a day long rafting trip on the Snake River.
To our surprise, in addition to the typical rental rates, we were charged for their raft trailer ($20) and for a broken life vest buckle on a well-used life vest. It seems like a business that uses life vests on a daily basis would take that as a cost of doing business. To our surprise we were charged $137 for a cracked buckle that was clearly weather beaten (depreciated) and likely brittle with age.

We regret doing business with these people. Get an itemized quote if you choose to proceed.
Scritta in data 26 luglio 2016
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Blaine, MN1 contributo
giu 2016 • Famiglia
We took a family vacation to Yellowstone and decided it would be fun to take the kids on an ATV tour. I found JHR online and booked it very early. We rented five ATV'S and explained to Stacie that we have four adults, two of which are 20 year old men, one 16 year old and a 10 year old with us. From the second I mentioned the young men, she went into her rules and concerns over young men and the way they tend to get rowdy, speed, go off the path, etc. I told her I completely understood and would make sure we spoke to the kids about the rules. I spoke to her again closer to the time of our trip and once again is expressed her concern, I again reassured her we have and will again speak to the boys and make sure they stay with us the entire time.

When we arrived at JHR she again went through her concerns with the young men and then just to make sure we completely understood stated it one more time before we took off. She even made us sign the damage waiver TWICE! Really? I felt like saying okay lady we get it, how about you let me be the parent here.

She made our experience more of a chore then a fun activity with our children, the entire time they were concerned about any little thing they did and we as parents did the same. We were so busy keeping on eye on them we didn't even get to really enjoy the scenery. The boys did as asked stayed on the trials, kept to the speed limit, etc.

When we got back we dropped them off and Stacie even commented "did they not have fun or is everyone just tired".

To top it off a few hours later we get a call from Stacie saying one of the vehicles was in a wreck, WHAT? Are you kidding me? I was right there the entire time, don't you think if one of my kids was in a wreck I would know about it? Icing on the cake! Next message from her was oh nevermind I had my husband look at it, there was a stick caught in it. REALLY, you couldn't have done that before accusing my child of a wreck?

If you really want to know, no they really didn't have fun, being so worried their parents were going to be charged upwards of $9000 at the drop of hat worried them enough, congratulations lady you got your point across. We feel robbed of over $500, cheated out of a great adventure with our children.

I would strongly advise people against this company. What a shame.
Scritta in data 4 luglio 2016
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un membro di Tripadvisor e non di TripAdvisor LLC.

Louisville, KY107 contributi
giu 2016 • Coppie
We rented an ATV for 2 people for 8 hours for about $140 and it was well worth it. One phone call was all it took to reserve our ATV 2 days in advance. Once you arrive at the shop you review all your papers and you are given two maps. One is a map made by the National Forestry and one is a hand drawn map of the areas in which to stay. After reviewing all the paperwork you are taken outside to your ATV.

When renting expensive equipment from any company make sure you take a detailed look at the machine and take notes or photos of damage before leaving. We did not have any issues with this company but on other vacations have had trouble.

They quickly showed us how to use the ATV. It was an automatic so it's pretty easy to learn. They strapped an extra can of gas on top since we would be out for 8 hours and then we were off.

The maps are pretty easy to understand. All of the trails are inside the Caribou National Forest. Some of the driving is gravel and then once inside the forest you start to see dirt paths break off. We basically just wondered around but tried to head back to the main road every 20-30 minutes so we wouldn't get lost. They had a small point of interest marked on the map named Caribou City. We drove about 30 minutes to this point of interest because we were told it was an old mining town.. Well there is literally nothing left but a information sign and a thousand mosquitos so I wouldn't bother with it.

Overall we had a great day. We were thankful we chose the all day adventure because we were having so much fun!

If you have a 2 person ATV it comes with a great cushioned seat and storage area that is attached. It perfectly fit our cameras, phones, sweatshirts and a soft sided cooler with our lunch and snacks.

Wear old clothes and bring a bandana because it can get dusty. Sunscreen is also recommended because there is very little overhead cover.
Scritta in data 22 giugno 2016
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Birmingham, AL213 contributi
ago 2015 • Coppie
We had a great time riding in some of the prettiest forest and mountains around . We had used this company several years ago and went in a different direction and national forest . Now it is better to me . Very reasonable price and very easy to work with . We had to postpone for a day because my husband got sick and Stacy was very understanding . They take great care of the atv and have a very specific detailed contract you sign that explains all the possible expanses that will incur if you have an accident . Thankfully we didn't but a young couple who returned in the same time we did , had scratches all over the side of front fender . He tried to deny he had a wreck , but she stood her ground and said the scrapes were not there before . The scratches would have been easily noticed because they keep the ATV s spotlessly clean . ( I would be sure to walk around Like when you rent a car, and be sure there is nothing just so their is no misunderstanding when you return ) . We will likely use them again and recommend them to our friends .
Scritta in data 31 agosto 2015
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Florissant, MO986 contributi
lug 2015 • Famiglia
This was a fun activity, but we did want to make a few observations. First off, the Web site prices are incorrect; make sure you get the prices when you call. We were charged more than we expected. Secondly, while they provide each rider with a bandana to prevent breathing in all the dust from ATVs in front of you, they don't mention that eye protection is also very helpful (and they don't provide goggles). Third, we were unable to find the turn that led to the old town that they point out on the map. Maybe this was our fault, but I can't see how we missed it. There aren't many roads branching off the main one. If you want to see certain things they mark on your map, make sure you keep a close eye on the odometer. All that said, the experience was fun, and it's very convenient riding right behind their facility. You are riding around the Wyoming/Idaho border, isolated from civilization by mountains the whole time. The ATV noise probably scared off any wildlife we might have seen (except one deer), but the scenery was nice.
Scritta in data 19 agosto 2015
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Phil R
Jacksonville, FL35 contributi
lug 2015 • Amici
This is a small mom and pop operation, but exactly the kind I like. You are dealing with the owners that know the area, their operation, and take care of their equipment. They give you a map of the area, give you some general directions and let you go. They make it clear you are responsible for the bikes and there are definitely some places where you can go that could get both you and the bike in trouble. Just be careful and have a great time. Some of the prettiest trails and general terrain I have ever seen. Fairly priced and I will definitely return. Thanks
Scritta in data 30 luglio 2015
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Michael M
23 contributi
lug 2015 • Amici
Three of us rented fully day atv's and it was awesome! Family owned business. Very friendly helpful and kind. Their location to the trails is awesome. No trailering the bikes, hop on and start your adventure. Definitely the best adventure activity I have ever done.
Scritta in data 29 luglio 2015
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un membro di Tripadvisor e non di TripAdvisor LLC.

Jeff G
St. Petersburg, FL8 contributi
giu 2015
Do not rent from Jackson Hole Recreation, unless you want to buy them a new ATV, and pay them hefty fees if you have any accident. Any amount of fun you can experience on the ATV in a few hour ride is not worth the risk.

Our son had an unfortunate accident because a bug that flew in his helmet and he lost control. JHR were very quick to insist that the ATV was totaled, when only the front was damaged. The majority of the ATV was fine. They sent it off for an estimate, and got a heavily padded estimate which called for replacing parts that weren't damaged in our son's accident. Even with that, the repairs would still be less expensive than buying a new ATV. Plus they quoted list price for all parts, which they should be able to get much cheaper. If I ordered the parts I could get them for $1,000 cheaper. They clearly have no concern about reducing any costs when you are paying for it. Instead they push for the repairs to be as high as possible so they can claim it is totaled so they can have you buy them a new ATV. We also heard them discussing that ATV being wrecked a few times before, so that likely has something to do with it. They take advantage of you and the situation, especially if you don't live in the area, which I am sure is the vast majority of their customers. They basically want you to buy them a new ATV, they keep the damaged one for spare parts or they fix it so they end up with 2 ATVs, and charge you tons of fees:
$250 to retrieve the ATV regardless of how far it is away. In our case this was a total of 30 minutes of work because our son's accident happened when we were almost back from the 4 hr ride.
$300 to take the ATV to the repair center.
$120 a day for "loss of use", which they charge you every day regardless of whether they would have it rented out or not. That is just another way they take advantage of you. They have 10 ATVs. We were able to book all of them just a few days prior to our ride. We rode on a Thursday. We went by there the following Saturday to check on the estimate for repairs, which they still didn't have. But we took note and pictures of the fact that they had all of their ATVs there, not rented, on what should be their busiest day of the week.

On top of all of this they have a sign in their office that talks about insurance if the ATV is totaled, which makes you think that the worst case scenario is covered, but they don't have any insurance.

So in summary, unless you want to pay upwards to $8,500 for an afternoon of fun, stay far away from Jackson Hole Recreation.
Scritta in data 18 luglio 2015
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