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We arranged a trail ride into the National Forest with Alpine Outdoors. WOW!!! I cannot rave enough about the company, our guide , the horses or the incredible beauty we rode in. DO NOT MISS THIS!!! If you go to Jackson or Alpine WY call Robb and Brenda Wiley and go out with their horses. Heidi was our guide and she was fabulous. My 11 year old daughter had never been on a horse before and Heidi and the horse she chose for her made the experience wonderful. These a some big horses; draft cross breeds. Every one of the horses were so responsive and calm that you hardly had to direct them at all. The weather the day we went started out "iffy", so Brenda called us early but didn't get us so Heidi followed up with a second call. Then, although we were supposed to drive to them, Heidi offerred to drive over to pick us up and take us on a trail we did not expect (as it is usually done on longer rides; we booked a half day). What increditble customer service! We picked up our lunch (which also was incredible when we ate it) and drove for about 30 minutes and started out on the trail. Rode for over an hour to a magnificant mountain lake, rested the horses and ate lunch. The weather held until about 5 minutes before we got back to the truck and trailer. At that point the rain was refreshing. I can only say good things about Alpine Outdoors and cannot recommend them highly enough.
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