Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park (Lautoka, Figi) - Biglietti, foto e indirizzo

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park
Parchi nazionali • Riserve naturali
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Great to hike Mt. Batilamu/see Abaca
mag 2017
Mi era venuta a Fiji e dato che non vogliono fare tutti i - tipo di carattere turistico vacanziero roba così ho trovato questo come una gita di un giorno. Ho trascorso la notte in Latouka a un'aria "Bed and Breakfast" e poi ha organizzato per andare fino a Abaca la mattina. Ci sono un sacco di diverse informazioni in merito a chi prenota tramite e ho voluto fare in modo che stavo andando a prenotazione attraverso un posto che desse il denaro direttamente al villaggio e sostenere il loro progetto di turismo. Mi sono tenuto in contatto con una donna di nome Kalolaini (numero= 8610 394 telefono ) che ci ha organizzato un 4 ritorno in 4WD prelevamento dalla Latouka e il tour attraverso il villaggio e una guida su per la montagna per $ 159 FJD. La passeggiata fino al Monte Batilamu ha impiegato circa 3 ore, con una guida gentile dal villaggio e anche uno dei ragazzi che si sono recati a piedi nudi con tutto il viaggio. I due terzi dell'escursione, direi che sono praterie alti (senza ombra, a piedi attraverso un campo, fondamentalmente) - - le vostre gambe vi scalfirsi da questo! ! L'ultimo terzo nella foresta pluviale che è la temperatura del radiatore saggio. Il giorno sono andato, era molto nuvoloso/po' piovoso quindi non ho potuto vedere effettivamente nulla dalla parte superiore che era un po' deludente ma mi piace fare escursioni e l'esercizio. Poi quando mi è venuta giù dall'escursione, uno del posto mi ha preparato il pranzo e abbiamo mangiato a casa loro. Ho considerato cercando di affittare la mia macchina e risparmiare denaro ma sono davvero contento di aver fatto. La strada sterrata per Abaca è MOLTO agitato e quindi è assolutamente necessario avere un camion o qualcosa con elevata distanza e non credo che irruzione un'auto a noleggio è valsa la pena. Inoltre non sono sicuro circa il segnale del cellulare/indicazioni per arrivare. Vorrei suggerire portare un sacco di acqua e un piccolo snack.

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Carolyn M
23 contributi
apr 2022
We had a great time in Koroyanitu National Heritage Park! Prior to our trip, we contacted the Abaca Village Manager, Pau (pauliasikubu62@gmail.com) who helped us arrange a taxi from the airport to the village. We did a guided hike from Abaca Village up Mt Batilamu. We had great conversation with our guide, Joe, who told us about the history of the village and some of the plants in the park. The views from the top and along the hike were breathtaking. After the hike, Pau and his wife invited us into their home for tea with lemon leaf before showing us a swimming hole in the nearby river. We couldn't have asked for more accommodating or welcoming hosts for our National Heritage Park adventure. What a great experience!

A few things to note if you're planning a trip:
- Based on some other reviews, we'd anticipated that food would be provided but this was not the case! Pau was able to sell us some food for our trip, which was extremely helpful. Make sure you either pack your own food or discuss homestay/hostel food options in advance!
- The hike is short but steep and challenging. Wear good shoes and prepare to walk uphill for several hours straight!
- There weren't a ton of mosquitos, but we wished we'd had bug spray with us.
- The hut accommodations are comfortable and rustic - there are blankets and pillows but if you want fresh sheets/pillowcases, you may want to pack some.
Scritta in data 1 maggio 2022
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Nina Smith
Cairns, Australia10 contributi
mar 2020 • Amici
Did this hike March 2020. Late post...
✅Mt Batilamu hike, 1195mts, Koroyanitu National Park, Lautoka. Need to be reasonably fit! 10am start but absolutely worth it! 2 hrs return! Big hike, swim at the falls! Hired a 4x4..drove ourselves to Abaca village, went to the office. Paid $25 each to the lovely lady who served us and did the hike on our own. Easy to find and easy to do on your own. Track well worn.
Scritta in data 11 luglio 2020
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Heather G
Dublino, Irlanda89 contributi
gen 2020 • Coppie
This is super easy to organise by yourself and well worth it for the views. Tour companies were quoting us $170FJD per person which is very expensive.

We wanted to go up & down in the same day by ourselves as we're trail runners. Thanks to the review below, we called the taxi company on 9058505 and organised a 4WD to drop us to and from Abaca. The cost was $100FJD return. Very good service. We have a Toyato Prius but in order to get to Abaca, there is a river crossing so a 4WD is essential.

We just showed up unannounced in Abaca, paid the $25FJD pp entrance fee to Melisa and hiked up to the top and back down. We are quite fit and did it in 2.5 hours which included stops for photos and a stop at the top to enjoy the views. The trail is easy to follow, but is steep in places and there was some fallen trees as we went a week after the cyclone.

There is a super hut at the top - very well equipped and we were disappointed we didn't bring food and organise to stay there! I'd definitely recommend staying in the hut if you can.

Great fun day out and one of the few trails you can follow yourself in Fiji!
Scritta in data 3 gennaio 2020
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Baden, Svizzera299 contributi
ott 2019
Schon im Voraus hatten wir einen Fahrer zum Dorf Abaca inkl. einen guide vom Visitor center gebucht. Die Wanderung mit dem einheimischen guide und seinem Hund Rocky war schweisstreibend jedoch traumhaft. Der guide erzählte uns viel über das Leben im Dorf und zeigte uns die schönsten Aussichtspunkte. Der Höhepunkt war die traumhafte Sicht vom Gipfel auf die Insel - unser highlight auf Fidschi.
Scritta in data 8 novembre 2019
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Christopher G
Tarneit, Australia46 contributi
set 2019
I did the climb up Mt Batilamu, which was really hard work - it's only about 3 km each way, but it's steep all the way and took me about 5 hours (including quite a few rest stops). But it was definitely worth the effort. The scenery is really spectacular and there were some wonderful vantage points. The walk also went through a couple of different types of jungle, which was interesting to see.

I hired a car and drove there on my own. I got a 4WD, which I think was pretty necessary, as there were some steep gravel roads. Though I did see some locals bouncing along in a small 2WD sedan. When I checked in at the visitors' centre, they asked if I wanted a guide or to do it alone. When I chose to do it alone, they showed me where the path started and gave me directions. The path was clearly marked, so I had no difficulty finding my way.
Scritta in data 31 ottobre 2019
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Inge Bahle
Nuova Zelanda5 contributi
lug 2019
We booked with George, al local from Nadi the evening before and he very short notice put together a pick up from Nadi to Abaca, a village visit & lunch, and a guided tour up Mt Batilamu for the next day. It was the best experience we had in Fiji. George's son picked us up in Nadi, brought us with our car to his house and we could leave the car safely on their property, he accompanied us to the village and organised lunch and a tour guide. The village residents were lovely and welcoming, the guide was knowledgeable and very patient with us sweating up the mountain! The lunch was delicious and we learned so much about village life without feeling like intruders.
Scritta in data 6 agosto 2019
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79 contributi
lug 2019 • Amici
When going to this National Park you should definitely consider a homestay in the village Abaca and/or a stay in the hut on top of the mountain. I did both.
How we got there: We didn’t book anything in advance. We just took the bus from Nadi to Lautoka. There a friendly guy with a van asked us if we needed a lift. There are no busses going to Abaca. We accepted and he drove us to the village Abaca. The ride should not cost you more than 10-15 Fiji Dollar per person.
We arrived in the village at around 3pm. Unfortunately the lady from the National Park office wasn’t there in that afternoon so we didn’t have enough information about the hikes to the waterfalls. We could’ve done the full circle easily the same day we arrived...
However, we spent the afternoon and night in the village which was an awesome experience I don’t want to miss.
We walked around half the waterfall circuit the next morning, had a swim in one of the natural pools and started walking up the second highest mountain Mt Batilamu at around 1pm. It took us approx 3 hours up (incl 1 20 min break and it was soo humid :-D). The landscape and views were amazing!!
We stayed the night in the hut (also called lodge) and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and sunrise up there.
The hut provides beds with quite comfortable mattresses, even pillows and blankets were there. There was a gas stove, cups, plates, bowls, cutleries,... I was quite amazed. There are some small water tanks but some were empty and you better treat the water! We boiled it (there’s a as stove and pots! :-))
Costs: 25 Fiji dollars entry fee for the national park, 60 for the homestay (I was quite shocked about the price. Although it contributes to the family and village I didn’t quite agree with this price). The stay in the hut costs 40 Fiji Dollars.
They might talk you into having a guide (for both waterfall circuit and Mt Batilamu) but if you have a little experience with hiking, you won’t need one. We went without a guide and we were perfectly fine. Apparently hiring a guide costs 40 for the mountain and 20 for the waterfalls. Not sure though if it’s per person or for the one guide.
If you’re into hiking and mountains and that stuff you shouldn’t miss this experience when going to Fiji.
Scritta in data 19 luglio 2019
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Napoli, FL693 contributi
apr 2019 • Coppie
We hiked the 1 hour to the falls but it had rained the night before so it was slippery. Our guide was great and very helpful in helping us cross the streams. Nice views and scenery.
Scritta in data 16 aprile 2019
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Atlanta, GA18 contributi
gen 2019 • Amici
A group of 6 of us stayed overnight in Abaca village. They day we arrived, we hiked to the waterfall where we got to have a refreshing swim - it felt so good, the waterfall was so powerful (you should see the wind blowing from it!), and the hike itself wasn't bad. I was glad we had a guide though - Simmi was able to lead the way, show us where not to walk (bc it was pretty slippery in some places), and he even showed us a rock to jump off of in a different area! That when we returned, the villagers were playing volleyball, which they invited us to play, then had a delicious dinner. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing. The next morning we hiked to the top of Mt. Koroyanitu . Bring water/hat and put on sunscreen because the first half is in the sun! Again, Simmi was our guide. He took us to one side that had a great view overlooking Lautoka, then walked past where the cabin is on the mountain for a view looking over Nadi (you want to do this in the morning though because clouds come in and block your view in the afternoon). We made multiple stops and enjoyed ourselves at the top for quite some time, so I'd say that it probably took us around 4 hours total.
I was confused on how to organize all this (and luckily some Trip Adviser reviews helped), so here's what I found since we didn't want to do it through a travel company (we wanted to be sure our money went to the village).
I called Kalesi (7365419) who lives in the village to let her know that there was going to be 6 of us coming and we would like to stay in the village. You can also stay at the lodge or on the mountain. You could also call Pau (7193194) who lives there as well. She asked if we needed a truck to pick us up from Lautoka, but I declined. By staying in the village, it included our meals: dinner, breakfast, and lunch (which the lodge and mountain top stay wouldn't include). The lodge's housing has bunk beds and it sleeps 12. The overnight stay on the mountain is basically 1 room with some beds. It has everything you need to cook, you just have to bring your own food up there. When you stay in the village, you stay with a family and they had rooms set aside in their huts for visitors to stay in.
Getting there:
We took a taxi from Nadi to Lautoka and ate lunch there. Here's 2 numbers that will take you to & from Abaca: 9058505 / 9897346. These are 2 different guys (but they know each other). We called 1, he said $100 FJD, called the other to price compare, he said $80, called the other back, he gave us $70 (these are all round trip prices). Turned out the other guy came (the other guy called him), tried to make us pay the higher amount, but we got him to stick to the $70. [If you need more options, I found 2 other numbers on Trip Advisor - 9911197 (we didn't try this one) and 8676532 (out of service, so don't try it lol).] We rode in the back of a covered pickup truck - not the most comfortable thing, but it did the trick! He was even on time for the return trip.
I recommend having the guide for the hikes, it just makes it easier and you have someone to ask questions to. He showed us things we definitely would've missed otherwise. The total cost of our stay (food, lodging, guide, park fee) was $175 FJD per person. Kalesi didn't have a written breakdown of the price, but a guide for the mountain is $30 FJD, to the waterfall is $20 FJD, and the park fee was $15 FJD to give you an idea.
We brought our own water into the village. I don't know what water the villagers drink. One girl didn't bring enough and she ended up drinking from a stream towards the top of the mountain (she didn't get sick so it must be ok!).
Definitely do this. It helps support a village and heritage park and allows you to get to know some locals. The views are beautiful!
Scritta in data 22 febbraio 2019
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Peni Dovi
Lautoka, Figi254 contributi
nov 2017 • Lavoro
I took a beautiful couple from states who booked me as their private Viator tour guide for a day. The breathtaking scenaries of the mountains, waterfalls with backdrops of volcanic rocks and the small plain view of the mamanuca and the yasawa groups were really stunning. They enjoyed all this experinece of not only nature and the views but also the hospitality with their natural BULA smile of the local Fijian people in the village and our Typical Fijian Food. Spinach and root crops. 6 out 6
Scritta in data 13 ottobre 2018
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