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San Francisco, CA222 contributi
Tremendous selection of esprit clothes, especially tops, at great prices
mag 2017 • Coppie
Esprit has a big store in HK, but I'd never go there. I'm writing to draw attention to the Esprit Outlet, on Canton Road at the Ferry Terminal.

You can get an enormous range of fun clothes at prices averaging $69 HK, less tan $10 US. Furthermore, there is even service! I asked for a small size, and an employee immediately found it for me. The cashier was also unusually friendly as well as efficient.

Don't miss this place for bargain shopping and especially gifts.
Scritta in data 21 maggio 2017
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Hong Kong1 contributo
Extremey overpriced, terrible service, utter incompetence = total failure
The new Tsim Sha Tsui location opened up, and since that was right around the corner, I decided to give it a try. They have two levels of service; stylist is the basic, cheaper option, and the director is the more skilled and more expensive person to do the cutting and final treatments. I was going to get a digital perm and nothing else, but the "director" talked me into getting a trim because, according to him, the perm wouldn't look its best without him being able to clean up the layering job that was already there.

I got there for a 4:30 appointment at 4:15, and I had to be in Causeway Bay at 8. Between the washings and the sitting around, every time someone told me that I'd sit with one treatment for 10 minutes, it was 25; if they said it was 25 minutes it turned into 45 and etc. Though they weren't busy in the salon, with only two other customers, they were too busy to keep track of time, standing around on the other side of the salon and chit chatting.

By the time 7:15 rolled around, I hadn't seen the "director" I was paying premium for since I had first been seated; he didn't oversee any of the treatments, and hadn't cut a single hair yet. I told someone I was pressed for time, and still I saw in the mirror the director hanging out in the back room casually leaning against a shelf and talking and laughing. Not busy.

By the time he picked up a scissor or a comb, it was 7:45. He rushed through the cut and style, and I left ten minutes later with damp hair, poorly and hurriedly cut, and a totally different style than I wanted. Since then, I have washed my hair and it is as if the perm washed out entirely as if it never happened. With a hugely overinflated price tag of $1800 to match the egos of the people that work there, I should have saved my money and went to Causeway Bay for the cut and perm in the first place. Don't go to this place. It's for suckers.

I have nothing to show for my perm-and cut visit except a huge credit card bill, 3.5 hours wasted, and worst of all, slightly frizzier hair that can't hide the bad cut.
Scritta in data 27 ottobre 2009
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un membro di Tripadvisor e non di TripAdvisor LLC.
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