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Daniel K
Chicago, IL12 contributi
Punteggio 1,0 su 5
gen 2023 • Lavoro
As others have said, this is a complete waste of time and disappointing that our tour operators took us here. I went with a group of Thai tourists and felt bad that a few of then were scammed and purchased these “magic” red pine pills. It just goes to show you that you could put capsules of feces in a beautiful box and tell people how it will cure all their ailments, and people would buy it. As others have said, if you are on a tour of Korea and they mention “red pine” pills then do yourself a favor and stay on the bus!
Scritta in data 30 gennaio 2023
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John D
Miami, FL23 contributi
Punteggio 2,0 su 5
giu 2019 • Coppie
We like the tour package we choosen. But the problem was the additional trip that our tour agent added. Attending sales presentation of Red Pine capsules..To me its a waste of time and a time for the opportunity of being scammed. If the next and last trip is not on the list of your tour package, better stay at the bus and relax than be there and be pressured for something you don't even plan to buy...It's a 1 cent advice from me..
Scritta in data 7 giugno 2019
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Singapore, Singapore687 contributi
Punteggio 3,0 su 5
dic 2018 • Famiglia
We were brought to this place as part of the tour group to South Korea. Once we were inside, a sales professional will be assigned to market their products. This sales professional typically speak fluent local dialects as the tour group from the region where they are from. For our case, we were assigned a Malaysian rep, who I must said, speak very fluently with Singapore/Malaysia slang & sound super convincing in preaching the goodness of their products. If you let your guard down and ignore the red flags while he/she was talking, you will likely succumb to their excellent marketing ploy! I found that tourists who are a little well-off will likely take the bite and fully convinced after going through their well-oiled marketing engine. Stay in the bus if you think you have low control of your judgment when subjected to a very persuasive force to empty out your pocket.
Scritta in data 20 dicembre 2018
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un utente di Tripadvisor e non di Tripadvisor LLC. Le recensioni vengono sottoposte a verifica da Tripadvisor.

12 contributi
Punteggio 1,0 su 5
apr 2018 • Famiglia
Forced to go in the room for more than 30 minutes while they tried to demonstrate the "amazing" effects of the red pine capsule. And they had the capillary microscope which could somehow magically determine your immune status and cholesterol level. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE.
And they also said all your capillaries in the hand burst already and blah blah. They'd tell everyone they had low immunity and high cholesterol level then persuade you to buy how many boxes which were super overpriced.

They wouldn't even let us out of the room until it was finished!!!

If ever you're forced to come here because of a tour, STAY IN THE BUS. DON'T GET SCAMMED.
Scritta in data 31 marzo 2018
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un utente di Tripadvisor e non di Tripadvisor LLC. Le recensioni vengono sottoposte a verifica da Tripadvisor.

Sheila M
7 contributi
Punteggio 4,0 su 5
nov 2017 • Amici
Our tour guide bring us there for some demonstrations for liver detoxification process. It’s quite interesting specially when they test capillary blood to check blood flow that indicates our liver health status. Its quite interesting when they how my heart shaped capillary blood flowing on the screen, its quite so unique they say(smiling). I bought 1 bottle for a try, since the examination quite describe my lifestyle. I gave myself a try, anyway, its for my good.
Recently, I have been taking the capsules for 2 weeks, so far no side defects but i found my skin glowing. Im so glad the effect was good for my side and better know first your medical history and lifestyle or eating habbits before taking. Its good to keep our liver healthy cause its functions are too many. Lets take good care of our liver😊
Scritta in data 7 febbraio 2018
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un utente di Tripadvisor e non di Tripadvisor LLC. Le recensioni vengono sottoposte a verifica da Tripadvisor.

Singapore, Singapore1 contributo
Punteggio 1,0 su 5
gen 2014 • Famiglia
We were coerced into buying healthy liver capsules from this store which supposed to help detox the liver, during my trip to Korea.My husband took the pills and had diarrhea ,bleeding continuously as stools were too hard.Subsequently he went for piles ligation.He is on cholesterol and high blood control drugs Atenlol, Simov and I am a thalassemia minor, which is not supposed to take supplements which contain iron.However the pills contain this substance and consumption Is harmful and detrimental to my health.All these were not explained clearly during the pitch talk or a doctor around to assess our existing physical conditions.The main concern of this shop is merely profit gains without ethnics.When we called them -they got a rude Chinese to answer our queries.We even emailed and submitted evidences over to them, they just ignored our requests for refunds nor provided any avenue for further discussions/compensations, simply claiming that nobody ever complained about their products.I earnestly implore tourists visiting this store in South Korea not to patronise them, as it cause more harm than good and left your wallets a few thousand dollars poorer.It was the most unpleasant shopping experience I had ever experienced throughout my years of travelling to difference countries and also change my perspective of trading with the Korean.In conclusion, I have no choice but to put a star in this review, otherwise it's a negative- - -.
Scritta in data 10 dicembre 2014
Questa recensione rappresenta l'opinione personale di un utente di Tripadvisor e non di Tripadvisor LLC. Le recensioni vengono sottoposte a verifica da Tripadvisor.

Travel X
Singapore280 contributi
Punteggio 3,0 su 5
ott 2014 • Coppie
Today, almost all tour package to Seoul includes a stop at a Healthy Liver Shop, one of those stops for overpriced products meant solely for tourists.

So, Healthy Liver Shop and Korean Ginseng Shop have in a way became Tourists Spots for all on package tour. I felt the need for all to read the background before stepping into these shops.

I am going to state the facts here followed by my personal opinion in brackets () for you to decide if you should make any purchases here.

1. The same product is available online at three times the price you can get at the Healthy Liver Shop. (This to me is either a case of a tour guide trying to make that extra buck with huge profit margin or a marketing gimmick.)

2. The product contains the usual ingredients you find in any liver supplements available at your neighbourhood health/supplement store, with the exception of one ingredient - Hovenia. (The description was kept vague during the presentation and it seems that this one ingredient that to me, had similar health benefits as the commonly cheap Milk Thistle, made this product into a miracle.)

3. I have been taking bodybuilding supplements for almost 20 years and I always look forward to new and better drugs for the liver that I have taxed over the years with my supplementation. I had been taking Milk Thistle with other ingredients less the Hovenia for many years.

4. With the inclusion of Hovenia, the price of this product 50 times more expensive than any Liver Supplement over the counters.

5. The promoters who speaks English are mostly foreigners engaged by the company to sell the product.

Here is the conversation I had with the promoter.
6. They will perform a demonstration by crushing the pills into powder form and adding them to Coca-Cola or Instant Coffee. After stirring the mixture for a minute or so, you could see particles in the drinks meaning, the pill had filtered the toxins from the drinks. For the case of Coca-Cola, you will see a near-clear liquid black residue settling at the bottom of the bottle. For the case of Instant Coffee, you will see thick residue floating within. I asked the promoters a few questions and here are the answers: 1) So what? ANS: That's the function of the liver, to remove these toxins from your body. 2) Yes I know that's the function of my liver, but so what if this pill can separate the toxins before I even drink the drinks, and what happens to these toxins after separation? ANS: These toxins will be expelled from your body through sweat and other means. 3) No, answer my question, so what if these toxins were separated. This pill is suppose to maintain the health of my liver. So, so what if it can do the filtering, what does it do to my liver? Does it filter them even before they reach my liver? ANS: I have shown you that the pill on its own can filter the toxins. 4) No, let me ask from another angle. You have shown that the pill can separate the toxins from the nutrients. Now, do my body absorb this when I eat it before food? ANS: Yes. 5) Once absorbed, does it help my liver to filter the toxins? ANS: Yes. 6)So what is absorb by my body? Are there any fillers in the pills? ANS: Everything gets absorbed. 7) So, you have shown how it works outside my body, how about inside? My liver does the job, and this pill doesn't just become part of my liver, right? ANS: It maintains the health of your liver. 8) Ok, so why are you showing us the demonstration when this is a product to supplement my liver? ANS: To show you that it is effective. 9) You have shown that it does filtering, do you have any proof that what has been filtered in the glass are all toxins and not inclusive of nutrients; and what is left is all nutrients and not any residual toxins? ANS: No. 10) From the description of the ingredients, this is similar to Milk Thistle products, is that true? ANS: Yes, but this is many times more powerful and effective.

7. If this is so powerful, why isn't it available worldwide? ANS: Because it's only available in Korea... RED FLAG to me....

8. You claimed that the government funded the liver health research programme, pouring in billions every year. How many of this goes to the development of this product or you also said that this product has been in the market for more than 10 years, so any improvements made over the years? ANS: Not sure.
RED FLAG Number Two...

9. Is this available to the Koreans because this is a tourist shop and tour buses have to register with your staff and wait in the buses before we could even enter? ANS: Yes, Koreans can buy here. Me: Are you saying that the government poured in billions only for the product to be exclusively sold here, even to their own people, at this price? ANS: Yes, this product is very expensive. Me: is the ingredient expensive, or the production expensive, or the development expensive? ANS: All...
RED Flag Number Three

10. I want to buy two sets, if it is good, I want to buy for my family members. How do I do that? ANS: Sorry, this is not available outside Korea. Me: What's the difference between me getting my tour guide to buy for me next time and passing it to someone returning for me and you selling me directly? ANS: Oh, you can visit our website and make purchase.
I just took a look at their website, no price available. So....
RED Flag Number Four

In conclusion, this is the usual over-priced product. Not as over-priced as the Korean Ginseng, but both are from the same company (at least the shops my tour guide brought me).
The ingredients are the usual off-the-shelve with the addition of Hovenia.
Whether Hovenia makes such a difference to jack up the cost 50 times, I am not sure.

I bought a set for myself and my wife. My wife had started and I will start shortly after I complete my own bottle of Milk Thistle. It cost 50 times more than my Milk Thistle, but to me, I am keen to try it out as a alternate cycle from my Milk Thistle and I am only visiting Korea once and that's it. Four months later, I will post if it works.
Scritta in data 20 ottobre 2014
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