Opéra Comique

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Opéra Comique
11.00 - 19.00
11.00 - 19.00
11.00 - 19.00
11.00 - 19.00
11.00 - 19.00
11.00 - 19.00
Durata consigliata
1-2 ore
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La zona
Quartiere: Vivienne
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  • Richelieu – Drouot • 3 minuti a piedi
  • Quatre-Septembre • 3 minuti a piedi
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Parigi, Francia31 contributi
Fiasco, fiasco
set 2021
le systeme de réservation en ligne est une véritable CATA!!! Pas de confirmation... envoi des billets non immédiat (n ne sait pas quand ils arriveront), appels tél impossible (rejetés faute de personnel). Bref, une maison à la dérive...
Scritta in data 16 settembre 2021
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Paul B
4 contributi
A faire
ago 2021 • Solo
Un monument incontournable pour moi. L'histoire de la ville et la culture de Paris. Sympa de pouvoir visiter sans beaucoup de monde aussi.
Scritta in data 19 agosto 2021
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Chelmsford, UK67 contributi
Fabulous evening. English subtitles and high quality singing
feb 2020 • Coppie
We often go to the opera in London but have never seen La Dame Blanche. It was a truly charming production with subtitles in French and English for the singing, and English for the dialogue . Excellent singers and a beautifully judged production. We were in the 3rd gallery row V 37 and 39 with a view of 3/4 of the stage. The legroom in this €35 seat was so woeful that my 6 ft 2 OH couldnt get in. I was ok at 5.ft 4...just. Luckily it was back row so he could perch on the upturned seat and stand. It is a measure of the quality of the production that he didn't mind.
As others say, the building itself is wonderful and the bar salon is magnificent. Wine is €6 and a lot of locals had an emmenthal baguette sandwich for €6 at the interval which would have been handy to know about.
Apparently they are engaged in rediscovering their repertoire from their early history at the moment.
The man next to me pointed out a box near the stage and said that a Duke had donated the land for the theatre and in return the family could always use the box. Many times the city have tried to get it back for other uses but have failed to overturn the covenant on the land.
A fabulous night out.
Scritta in data 22 febbraio 2020
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Mosca, Russia15.452 contributi
Здание Opera comique
ott 2019 • Solo
Потрясающе красивое здание было построено еще в 1783 году. Оно менее известно, чем Опера Гарнье; туристов здесь меньше, приходят те, которые действительно интересуются искусством.
Scritta in data 15 ottobre 2019
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Île-de-France, Francia343 contributi
très belle salle
giu 2019 • Famiglia
je ne suis pas une spécialiste mais j'ai aimé cet endroit et son charme!
la salle du bar a été restaurée et elle est magnifique
la scène est profonde et nous étions très bien placés en bord de corbeille.
je ne regrette pas ma soirée et ma découverte de ce lieu
personnel très bienveillant
Scritta in data 29 giugno 2019
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Takatsuki, Giappone194 contributi
mag 2019 • Coppie
 今回の席はDランクで、3階(日本の4階)中央バルコニーの2列目でしたが、響きもよく、舞台全体を見渡せました。座席番号は中央から左右交互に振られています。5と7、 12と14のようになっていれば隣席です。というわけで自力で席にたどり着くことは不可能ですから、案内嬢に案内してもらいましょう。ここではチップはなくてよさそうです。
Scritta in data 18 giugno 2019
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Mosca, Russia12.396 contributi
‘Manon’, Opéra-Comique: Let’s make an opera into a brothel!
mag 2019 • Solo
Three completely naked male bodies at the front of the stage – that’s really too much! And I don’t mean that one would be ok!
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect ‘Manon’ to be interpreted as ‘Suor Angelica’ or something. I just don’t get the big idea. Isn’t it possible these days to have any theatre production without hardcore scenes?
And it’s not the only episode, far from it! Act I opens with four topless ballerinas riding four hapless supernumenaries; then all men present on the stage attempt gang sex with Manon; another example of the same at the backstage with the tenor trying to concentrate and sing ‘Ah! Fuyez, douce image’. Indeed, ‘fuyez’, because these images are not ‘douce’ at all! And so on, and so forth… Anyone can tell me how it enhances the music, and the whole story?
It’s all the more depressing, as the voices were really good! – see the cast in the theatre bill, one of the photos.
True, Manon (Patricia Petibon) could have had a smoother and lighter soprano, especially at the beginning. I listened to Victoria de los Ángeles in order to make myself ready to this opera, sort of an unfair comparison, of course. But closer to the epilogue a bit of a drama in Patricia Petibon’s voice was quite appropriate.
I wasn’t awfully impressed with Jean-Sébastien Bou as Lescaut and his sort of country-style baritone; maybe it was meant that way, I’ve heard a much more persuasive ‘Ne bronchez pas, soyez gentille’, even at home.
Laurent Alvaro, the old Comte Des Grieux, on the contrary, looked and sounded as a proper ‘père noble’. The part is fairly short, but he had made a very significant impact to make the production – purely singing, not mise-en-scène – a serious achievement.
However, it was Des Grieux who had made my day - night, that is :). The young Canadian tenor Frédéric Antoun is very, very good! In French operas, anyway – somehow his Cassio in ‘Otello’ with Kaufmann in Salzburg did no appeal to my heart and soul. But here he was at home! Trust me, I know the most famous ‘Manon’ tenor arias nearly by heart as my favourite Swedish tenor Jussi Björling was very good at French répertoire.
Can’t say anything against the orchestra, conductor Marc Minkowski, he supervised the musical part of the production, too.
The stage director Olivier Py – all smiles, you can see him in white sneakers taking the centre at curtain calls – has indeed left a mark in history with this production! I was very much relieved to hear the audience boo and shoo, as I nearly started to think everyone was OK with this sort of nonsense! Checking the Internet afterwards I understand scandals are his way to make a living. Beware.

Hope this review won’t discourage you from visiting Opéra Comique, as the building is a real monument of art. The main hall is Salle Favart, called after the 18th century playwright Charles Simon Favart. It had survived several fires, the contemporary building comes from 1898. Can’t say if there was any renovation, it certainly looks old, but in a fairly good shape. An awful lot of gilded decorations, the same style as Opéra Garnier. Wooden floor adds to traditional air. Comfortable chairs, even in upper tiers – anyway, I had no problem with leg, elbows or any other space, definitely better than in Nice Opéra, for example. See my photos, I always try to explore various locations to show the stage view from the stalls, boxes, balcony etc.
There is a lift, but I didn’t use it. Ask personnel in advance if you need help with a wheel-chair.
The theatre café did not appeal to me either – see those plastic mugs? Very strange indeed, taking into account the posh surroundings…
Be careful when you book the tickets, otherwise you can find yourselves in a tip-up seat! That’s exactly what happened to me. Actually I knew what I was doing, that seat was sold at 50 euro, I really couldn’t afford more. (And for this kind of production the stage director should pay the audience, IMHO!) Luckily the neighbouring seat was vacant, and the box-keeper moved me there, so that I didn’t block the way:) It was 3rd tier, the view was excellent. The hall isn’t big, and for the opera I wouldn’t recommend the stalls – waste of money, IMHO, the sound goes up.
Practical note: the doors open 45 minutes in advance. The cloak-room – ‘Vestiare’ – is on the ground floor, to the right of the entrance. The cloak-rooms are free – from my experience it’s the rule for everywhere in France, but cannot be sure. No queue, although it was +10 C in the street, and there was no other cloak-rooms in sight. How they manage in winter, when any decent person changes shoes, I do not know.
By the way, there is one admission point for everyone – in older theatres in France cheaper tickets often go through cheaper side entrance :).
Scritta in data 7 giugno 2019
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Parigi, Francia17 contributi
Un théâtre à l’italienne à découvrir
mag 2019 • Coppie
Pour ceux qui ont vu le film Farinelli vous plongerez avec beaucoup de plaisir dans ce théâtre à l’italienne magnifique avec son plafond et ses murs lourdement décorés mais oh combien majestueux. Dans ce théâtre, contrairement à l'opéra Garnier ou Bastille, il y a une forme d'intimité car il est plus petit et à taille humaine. Vous pouvez presque discuter avec le balcon d’en face. Le son est bien restitué et pour les grands il faut que vous preniez les premiers rangs des balcons pour ne pas vous retrouver avec les genoux coincés par le dossier de votre voisin d’en face. J’y suis allé à l’occasion d’un spectacle mais j’y retournerai volontiers pour découvrir l’envers du décor. Une belle visite en perspective.
Scritta in data 3 giugno 2019
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Loïc Lagarde
Parigi, Francia287 contributi
Tres beau lieu et intimiste
mag 2019 • Solo
L’Opera Comique de Paris est un peu le petit frère de l’Opera Garnier. Il se cache dans le même quartier, au niveau des galeries et Grands Boulevards
Scritta in data 29 maggio 2019
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Vancouver, Canada104 contributi
April 9?2019
apr 2019 • Solo
Wonderful performance of "Le Postillon de Longjumeau" by Adolphe Adam (composer of the ballets Giselle and Le Corsaire). The singing, orchestra, staging, scenery, costumes and acting were all top-notch.
Unlike the performances of "Cosi Fan Tutti" at the Opera Garnier and a baroque opera at the Theatre des Champs Elysees which I walked out of 4 years earlier because the staging of both was so absolutely stodgy and mediocre!
The Salle Favart is one of these glorious 19th C halls which is lovely to look out but if you have 20 or 21st Century height you will find the seats have very little room. The discomfort will distract you from the performance. Ditto for the cheaper seats at both the Opera Garnier and Champs Elysees . Tip- never sit on the sides of any old , gorgeous, gilt and plush chandeliered theatre. Never sit in the back rows of those nice looking boxes. You won't see anything, even standing!
(The Bastille Opera is the most comfortable opera/ballet setting in Paris. A modern hall, not glamourous but definitely comfortable with good sight lines even in the cheap (cheap is relative) seats.)
This Opera Comique performs unusual works in an exciting way. It is also much cheaper than the Paris Opera.
Very highly reccommended for anyone who wants to see Opera in Paris.
Scritta in data 13 maggio 2019
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